Financial Planning from the Heart

Traditional comprehensive financial planning is described in the planning section of this website—and we do that. 

Twenty years ago, innovators like George Kinder and Dick Wagner dared planners to look at “interior finance” to bring greater meaning to all that planners accomplish.  This section looks at financial accounting, which is as much psychology as accounting.  It then considers financial therapy to help alleviate financial weaknesses and financial coaching to help clients accomplish what they know is best from their plans.

“The left side is messy, immeasurable. It requires conversations and results require interpretation. From spirit to values, feelings to hope, despair to anger, joy to fear, humor to sadness, “enough” to deprivation, accurate measurements elude us. Also elusive are cultural implications, community value systems, perceived natures of morality and goodness, concepts of beauty, and so on.” — Dick Wagner on “Integral Finance”