Risk Management

(and we don't sell insurance)

Risk management considered broadly.


The family that seizes the day takes risks by their very nature–frequently risks of embarrassment or financial failure. Let me help you live Carpe Diem dreams by knowing when to assume small risks, avoid large risks when possible, self-insure for risk or insure for risk as a last resort. As an hourly or retainer fee-only CFP, I assess risk management strategies and insurance without an incentive to earn a commission for selling you the wrong product, or one you don’t need.  But, I can also recognize and recommend purchasing insurance when it is the right financial decision.

  • Do you understand your health insurance; are PPOs, HMOs or Obamacare best for you?
  • If life insurance is both insurance and investment, what is the cost of insurance and the rate of return on investment?  Or do you just need to rent insurance until your savings suffice?
  •  What are the most appropriate limits on auto and homeowners’ insurance policies and when do you need an umbrella policy?

As your fiduciary and CFP, I will not sell insurance or annuities. But I can analyze all types of insurance for expenses and consider when self-insurance is a better option.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” — Maya Angelou