Services Offered to Retainer Fee Clients

All clients on retainer get the following services:

  1. Preliminary discussion of client’s dreams, hopes, fears and expectations.  Planning is impossible without knowing you and your goals.
  2. Questions or exercises about your money history, risk preferences, and money values.
  3. Comprehensive review of financial documents:  investment statements, tax returns, wills and trusts, insurance policies, business and real estate onto investment strategies, retirement and goal planning, risk and insurance planning, tax planning and estate planning.
  4. Planning clients get one free tax return prepared each year (1040 and 540); we do this to keep in touch with our clients’ finances.
  5. Free consultations throughout the year and updates to the plan as your life changes; you have a family CFO, a CFP on call for great advice as needed!

    Additionally, we are eager to help develop the finances for those seeking independent living.

Clients may need the following services and these services may be purchased separately for set or hourly fees; retainer clients get these services as needed or requested:

     Cash Flow and Debt

    • Rental versus ownership analysis.
    • Debt removal analysis and credit strategy.
    • Comparison of mortgages and refinancing analysis.
    • Month to month budgeting and financial coaching.
    • Business advice.
    • Rental real estate advice.

    Retirement and Goal Planning

    • Retirement needs analysis based on financial projections, Monte Carlo analysis, etc.
    • Goal planning analysis for college planning, weddings, major purchases, etc.

     Investment Planning

    • Analysis of investments in personal accounts or company retirement plans.
    • Risk analysis.
    • Portfolio recommendations.


         Tax Preparation, Representation,           and Planning

      • Tax return preparation: individual and trust returns.
      • Tax representation: correspondence, audits, payment plans or Offers in Compromise.
      • Tax planning for the end of the year or varied questions.

     Insurance Analysis and Planning

    • Human life value analysis for life and disability insurance.
    • Auto, home, and umbrella policy needs analysis.
    • Business liability needs analysis.
    • Long term care needs analysis.


         Estate Planning

      • Analysis of documents or lack of documents:  wills, trusts, powers of attorney, DNRs etc.
      • Gifting and CRT strategies to avoid income and estate taxes.
      • Trust strategies to avoid estate taxes.

    Life Planning from the Heart

    The heart of my relationships would be missing in a purely technical presentation. All that I do includes:

    • A genuine effort to listen with utmost empathy.
    • Creative techniques to capture client’s heart values despite different styles of learning and expression.
    • Risk analysis of investments, taxes, disease and death that gauges our fears and helps us cope.
    • Real understanding of family trees and networks of emotional relationships that define our lives and legacies.  Drawings help here as much as wills and trusts.
    • Grasping the values that might make or break careers.


    2nd and 3rd photos by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

    and Natasha Che / Pexels

    “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” — Steve Jobs