Couple enjoying retirement by watching the sunset.

Retirement: Is That Really Your Plan?


“Dream as if you will live forever; Live as if you will die today.” – James Dean


Gone are the days when everyone got their fixed pension at age 65, activity ceased, and then they died a few years later.  Retirees today live longer and the challenge is to make meaningful dreams of a lasting present.  Options include:

  • Staying onboard in one’s job or career in some capacity/becoming the wise old hand while income continues.  Where will this plan take you financially?
  • Starting a new business or second career.  What financing do you need and what are your prospects?
  • Dedicating oneself to a cause or charity, anything from Buddhism to birdwatching to Bernie.  How much charity can you sustain?
  • Pursuing hobbies:  model trains, old TV shows, Beatles music and, of course, golf.  How much hobby can you sustain and still have enough to pay the grandkids’ college fees?

Then of course there are health priorities and health concerns and those must both be funded:  the yoga center now then the care home.  Is long-term care insurance best or is self-financing better?  How long can you stay in your home? How much risk can you take in investments and how much growth do you need to make sure you don’t run out, because Social Security will face financial challenges?

Two neon creatures piecing together the puzzle of retirement planning.

         You need a plan without missing pieces.