Challenging Life Transitions

Keeping the faith in challenging times

As a widower, a divorcee, a paraplegic and a triumphant survivor of financial distress, I center my practice on life transitions. 

In my tax work, I specialized in community property returns, trust returns, tax controversies and Offers in Compromise.  I understand IRS tax strategy and divorce tax strategy and, as a wealth manager, I’m prepared to advise the right moves coming out of crisis—avoiding impulse and navigating past the sirens of bad advice and mechanical advice.

In the end, the Carpe Diem Life Planner may do more by helping people in transition find renewed purpose than they ever could with an insurance policy or perfectly balanced portfolio.  In retirement and other transitions, one meets what Schlossberg calls “continuers, easy gliders, adventurers, searchers, involved spectators, and retreaters.”  Some find the road to despair and death or, following Laslett, others find “new heights of fulfillment and/or achievement.” 

Few face multiple life transitions simultaneously, so I urge you to leap straight to articles of relevance:

Change your life; make it a success story!


“It is when we are in transition that we are the most completely alive.” — William Bridges