Personalized Tax Preparation for Individuals and Families

Carpe Diem families typically create tax challenges to overcome with their financial success, particularly those with spirit for business or real estate ventures.

I’ve advised doctors and dentists, architects and lawyers, high tech engineers, realtors and contractors, managers, writers, and musicians.  Do-it-your-selfers frequently miss deductions, credits, expenses, or legal reasoning a tax accountant with ten years of experience can detect. At best, they get notices and must pay interest and penalties; at worst, they may face time-consuming and sometimes frightening audits or, much more rarely, criminal penalties. With more described in later pages, I regularly handle the following complexities on 1040s:

  •     State to state moves or multi-state returns with multi-state tax law concerns

  •     International taxes and treaty interpretations

  •     Employee stock options: ISOs, NQSOs, and ESOs

  •     Credits for education, foreign tax, solar, electric vehicle

  •     Retirement plan and RMD calculations

  •     Mortgage interest and state tax deduction limitations

  •     Sales of homes and Section 121 savings

As a teacher studied in financial therapy, I listen with empathy for clients’ well-being and translate IRS jargon. I don’t run a distant fill-in-the-box kind of service; I’m here locally to meet and help SLV neighbors spot unique opportunities to make and save more.

“A government that robs Paul to pay Peter can always depend on the support of Paul” — George Bernard Shaw