Tax Efficiency for Small Business Owners

What must be done to avoid taxes on wages and employment related to the Affordable Care Act and California’s unusually heavy taxes?

Trump didn’t simplify tax or lower it for professionals in high tax states or those with high Bay Area mortgages.  But business owners and landlords may do better with more liberal bonus depreciation limitations and the Qualified Business Deduction.

This preparer studied accounting and took master’s level classes in corporate, trust, and property dispositions. I prefer financial planning and tax research to bookkeeping and payroll and – as your fiduciary – would refer to others when it serves your interests.  I understand corporate and partnership issues and enter K-1s, but Schedules C and E and small LLCs are my specialties.

Don’t let taxes or paperwork keep you from dreaming about your business ventures.

“Read my lips, no new taxes!” — George H. W. Bush, before he raised taxes

“I can spend your money better than you can!” — President William J. Clinton